Starting Troubles..

Posted on August 9, 2016


Take a look around you in today’s world and you will see yourself surrounded by numerous budding entrepreneurs; Young blood wanting to make it on their own, struggling to cope with the daily frustrations but still chugging on in the hope that eventually it will all pay off. For some it is a childhood dream and for others it is simply the opportunity to break away from the boredom of their 9 to 5 unsatisfactory job.

It is indeed so inspiring to see all this energy and optimism but if you take a step back and take another look at it, it also happens to be one more addition to the ever expanding list of expectations that today’s youth has from itself. Don’t get me wrong- I fully appreciate this culture change and feel very proud of all the enterprising young Indians who have made it big. It is just this other side to it that worries me. Earlier in life, one used to start stressing out from high school with all sorts of entrance exams to get into a good college, followed by anxiety over landing a good job/ GMAT scores/GRE scores, followed by admissions but then once you managed to sail through all this you were more or less set in your career. Now cut to today’s world- even after all this, most people in their 20’s have the sword of entrepreneurship hanging over their head.

“My neighbor has started out something with his friends or my classmate from school is doing something – I must do something too, clearly this isn’t enough”

Let me take on some more stress. Now if I had an idea and the knowhow to execute it or at least know the right set of people who will help me get there, I still have a chance. But what if I have an idea but don’t know how to go about it? I’m frustrated!! Or worse still, I have neither?

You might wonder where am I going with all this.. well nowhere actually. I wish I had a solution, I wish I could help.. But unfortunately I am as confused as the next person. All I know is that along with our career there will be a string of other stressful issues to face during the rest of our life and I just feel worried about how our current generation will deal with it. I can only hope we all find our way to reach what we are looking for.